NEAR is designed to eliminate the transactional bottlenecks of Layer 1 blockchains. Innovations such as Doomslug and Nightshade enable developers to combine the benefits of a sharded architecture with the power and security of decentralized networks. In addition, NEAR has a reputation for being a developer-friendly platform and offering a simple and quick onboarding process.



Write an NFT contract & mint your NFT

Learn how to create and interact with NFTs on NEAR

How to write and deploy a smart contract in Rust

In this tutorial, we are going to write and test a smart contract using Rust

Create an NFT marketplace

Create smart contracts for a simple NFT Marketplace

It's Time to Put a STAKE Pool in the Ground!

OysterPack SMART STAKE Pool Contract - NEAR Staking Game Changer

OysterPack SMART STAKE Pool API Guide for Validators

OysterPack SMART STAKE Pool Contract API Guide - For Validators

Near cross-contract calls

Learn how to write smart contracts that talk to each other

Test Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Complete guide to unit testing your NEAR Rust smart contracts

Show me the Code: STAKE Account Storage NEP-145 Rust Implementation

STAKE Account Storage NEP-145 Rust Implementation

The New and Improved Fungible Token Standard (NEP-141) Has Arrived

Complete guide to NEAR's new fungible token standard

It's Time to Put a STAKE in the Ground!

STAKE Token Vision - NEAR Game Changer

Build a Registry dApp on NEAR

Learn how to build a complete registry dApp on NEAR and deploy it easily using Netlify

Account Storage Standard (NEP-145)

Complete guide to NEAR's new account storage standard

Show Me the Money: Learn How to Monetize NEAR Smart Contracts

Learn how to design, build, and monetize smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain

You Can Have Your STAKE and Trade It Too

STAKE Fungible Token NEP-141 Rust Implementation

Want to write about Near and earn $NEAR?

Share your Web 3 learnings with others and earning token of the networks you care about.