Matic was mostly a scaling solution (“Layer 2”) for Ethereum until it rebranded to Polygon and became a much more ambitious blockchain interoperability project (like Polkadot and Cosmos). Polygon seeks to broaden the horizons of cryptocurrency adoption by ensuring that transactions are affordable and fast, compatible with a variety of scaling solutions.



Create a Social Media dApp on Polygon

Learn how to build a Social Media dApp similar to Instagram and deploy it on Polygon

Build a Social Media dApp & Deploy it on Polygon

Learn how to build a Social Media dApp like YouTube & how to deploy it on the Polygon mumbai testnet

Create a To-Do dApp with Flutter

Learn how to create a universal To-Do dApp with the Flutter framework and deploy it on Polygon.

Transferring tokens with the Polygon PoS bridge

Learn how to move tokens between Polygon and Ethereum using the Proof of Stake bridge.

Transfer ERC-1155 tokens between Polygon & Ethereum

Learn how to bridge ERC-1155 tokens between networks using the Polygon Proof-of-Stake SDK

Using the Chainlink Oracle for Randomness on Polygon

Learn how to use the Chainlink Oracle for verifiable randomness in your Polygon (Matic) smart contracts

Create a donation dApp on Polygon

Learn how to create a donation dApp on Polygon to award your favorite content creator with MATIC tokens.

Build an NFT marketplace on Polygon using HardHat

Learn how to build an NFT marketplace smart contract and deploy it on Polygon using HardHat

Create an NFT smart contract with HardHat

Learn how to create your own NFT smart contract using HardHat

Using Metamask with Matic.js

Learn how to transfer tokens between Ethereum and Polygon (Matic)

Deploying and Debugging Smart Contracts on Polygon

Learn how to deploy smart contracts to the Polygon Mumbai testnet and how to debug them

Build a decentralized AirBnB on Polygon (Matic)

Learn to build a full-stack dApp deployed on Polygon (Matic) with Proof of Stake Security.

Want to write about Polygon and earn $MATIC?

Share your Web 3 learnings with others and earning token of the networks you care about.