For many, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets remain a barrier to wider adoption. Terra's goal is to facilitate that mass adoption by creating stablecoins, cryptocurrencies pegged to the world's major fiat currencies. They achieve this through their own token (called LUNA) which also acts as a governance token - holders have voting rights in the project.



Interacting with a Terra smart contract

Learn how to interact with your own Terra smart contracts

Write your first Terra smart contract

Learn how to write a Terra smart contract

Create a transaction search widget

Learn how to create a simple transaction search widget using Figment's Transaction Search API and DataHub

Creating your first Terra account with the Terra SDK

Learn how to create an account to start building on Terra

Querying the Terra blockchain

Learn how to pull information from the Terra Blockchain using DataHub

Connecting to a Terra node with DataHub

Learn how to start using the Terra SDK with DataHub

Submit your first transactions

Learn how to write to the Terra blockchain using DataHub

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